Ecovate is a full service web and audio conferencing provider that allows large companies to fully brand its solution. Ecovate understands that our wholesale customer's brand is at stake whenever someone uses our service. We go to great lengths to provide the quality, reliability and support that is required by some of the best known brands in the world.

Ecovate's Wholesale Offering

Ecovate's software as a service featuring software for the use of video, audio and web conferencing, and recording and syndication services was designed from the start as a wholesale offering. The benefits to your company are:

  • Branding was a first thought, not an afterthought
  • Features can be turned on and off based on how your company wants to position the product
  • Ecovate understands how to support a wholesale provider
  • Billing data is flexible, offering multiple pricing models and reporting options

Ecovate has the experience to support your company

  • Ecovate delivers over 15,000,000 minutes per month of Web conferencing
  • With over 50 wholesalers, Ecovate is the largest provider of a private label Web conferencing service.
  • Ecovate operates multiple data centers in physically diverse locations to support failover redundancy

A world-wide offering

  • Product can be used anywhere, anytime
  • No need for downloads or service specific applications

Ecovate can get your company into market faster than any other company

  • Ecovate can have a branded service up and running for your company in less than a week
  • Ecovate can provide a full pilot of the service offering

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